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Biosan Disposal will work closely with you to ensure your facility can safely and responsibly dispose of medical waste. Safe handling of medical sharps, needles and lancelets is an important safety consideration for your facilities’ employees and for our community. We offer hard plastic collection containers for your medical sharps and needles to help make disposal safe and easy. Biosan Disposal offers an array of pick up options at great low prices.

Flexible scheduling and pickup options for YOUR organization.

• Physicians office
• Veterinary clinic
• Dental office
• Outpatient clinic
• Dialysis center
• Tattoo & piercing shop
• College & university
• Surgery center
• Hospital
• Pharmacy
• Home health provider
• Fire & police station
• Clinical & research lab
• Funeral home
• Nursing home & assisted living facility
• Medical lab

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Founded in 1914 by John Palisano and his six sons, the Lincoln Storage & Carting Company of Buffalo, Inc. was started in a Niagara Street horse stable with one horse and one wagon. Through the years, the company’s steady growth has been based on quality transportation and delivery services. Today, Lincoln Moving & Storage is a full service transportation company.

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